Advantages of M2M

Most minorities live deep in the mountains, where the church often has a hard time reaching them. In the past, strategies involved using cross-cultural missionaries to reach the minorities with the gospel, often encountering cultural and linguistic barriers, which increased the difficulty of missions work. In contrast, M2M missionaries have certain advantages in some of those areas, including culture and language:

Environmental Advantage

For M2M missionaries, the living conditions are similar to those of ethnic minorities. Most ethnic minorities live in relative poverty, locations where transportation is often inconvenient. However, for the M2M missionaries, they can adapt quickly to these environments, eat what they eat, live where they live. Being locals, they can adjust easily to local foods and lifestyle habits.

Cultural Advantage

Because ethnic minorities have similar cultures, lifestyles and worldviews, thus M2M missionaries can easily adapt into the local culture. Likewise, it is easier for them to contextualize the gospel, presenting it in a manner that is more relatable to ethnic minorities so they can more easily understand.

Linguistic Advantage

M2M missionaries often do not need to learn a new language, as they are acquainted with the local language. Thus, there is the advantage of sharing the gospel without the time and energy required to learn a new language.

Financial Advantage

In cross-cultural missions strategies, the long-term costs involved can often become a financial burden for certain churches or mission organizations. On the other hand, for the M2M missionaries, the costs are relatively lower, thus reducing the burden on the supporting church or mission organization, while still bearing great impact in terms of missions work.

Political Advantage

In many countries, there are limitations preventing outsiders from entering minority villages or areas, especially war-torn countries or countries with politically restrictions. Even if churches or mission organizations want to enter, they are often unable to do so. An M2M strategy may often be the only way to enter these areas and bring the gospel to these unreached people groups.

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