Letter from Our Founder

Dear Ministry Partners,

There are still around 6000 unreached people groups waiting for us to step out so they too can hear the gospel. Less than 1% of the resources designated for global missions goes to the places where there is no church. In fact, billions of dollars are spent each year to send workers where the church already exists and there are already millions of believers.

It is understandable as many of those unreached places are off limits, whether it be for political reasons, security reasons, or cultural reasons. Many of those places can only be reached by the local believers. These indigenous missionaries are already working in place without any church and yet they have the least amount of mission resources.

That is why we exist, Minorities for Christ International exists for that very purpose, to support the indigenous missionaries to reach those unreached places, to finish the Great Commission, so every nation and tribe will come to glorifying the Lord.

We believe these local native missionaries are a main way the Lord is using to reach those unreached people groups. For that reason, we have focused our strategy on what we call M2M or Minority to Minority or Muslim to Muslim. These missionaries don’t have the language barriers, cultural barriers, and political barriers that we may have, so why not help them instead to do what we cannot do and finish the task that we cannot finish on our own.

Join us and support Minorities for Christ International, every dollar, every coin, goes towards building up the Kingdom of God. Right now we are serving in 10 different countries, reaching over 300 different people groups. With your help, we can support and equip more indigenous missionaries to reach the remaining unreached people groups around the world.

The times are near as we long for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We may not know when that is, but as you join us, we are coworking with our Lord Jesus Christ to bring the vision of Psalm 86:9 to life:  “All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name.”


Rev. John Chiang

Founder/ President of MFCI

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